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Overworked, overwhelmed, and over scrambled…by Scott Cremeans

Multiple sclerosis is a time-losing, energy-consuming, stress-inducing beast we MSers live with daily. The list of symptoms is quite extensive and changes like a chameleon depending on its surroundings. Cognitive issues often get overlooked if someone does not deal with them on a typical day. However, heat and stress can significantly exacerbate mental turbulence, making …

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MS is…by Lisa Kemppainen

1. Losing all your hair in hopes of a chemo cure, but being too weak to put your new hair in a ponytail when it grows out. 2. Looking down at your ankles and feet to find them the color of your burgundy shirt. 3. Feeling super accomplished if you can get off the floor by …

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Melanie’s MS Story

Melanie began noticing fatigue and an autoimmune disease was detected, but was misdiagnosed for years. Finally, MS was confirmed by Mayo Clinic in 2019. She researched and discovered aHSCT (autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant) but had to leave her own country to have the treatment in Puebla, Mexico at Clinica Ruiz. Frustrated that aHSCT, mesenchymal …

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